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rail car

Railway waggon or truck employed for transporting goods by rail.

rail consignment note

A document which proves that the transport of goods by rail was agreed upon by contract.

rail loading gauge

Profile above the railway lines through which a train or any vehicle on rails must pass, because it is limited by tunnels, bridges, etc.


A slope built to connect two levels in height across which wheeled vehicles can pass. In transport it is often used to facilitate the loading and unloading of vehicles (such as in the case of roll-on roll off ships).


General: a value, amount, cost or degree, etc. which is measured by its relation to something else.

rate (in I/O control)

In transport: the tariff to be paid for a transport service. In forwarding: the factor which serves as a basis to calculate a price which is to be paid for a certain unit of service. In work preparation: The factor of labour expressed as a normative amount and set in relation to the amount of work done, taking into account the production quality. The work has to be performed according to a prescribed method.

reach stacker

A vehicle, similar to a tractor, which is used for moving or stacking containers or swap bodies with the help of its front lifting equipment.


The action of receiving and finally accepting cargo delivered by suppliers after checking the cargo in quantity and quality. After receipt registration the goods are then delivered to a store. Receipt also refers to the amount of goods which were received by a customer over a certain period of time.

receiving lead time

The time it takes for goods which were delivered at a certain destination as defined in the terms of delivery until they are finally available for use. Receiving lead time thus refers to all those activities to be performed in the meantime, such as inspection of the goods (receipt), storage time, waiting times, etc.


A service offered by a carrier according to which the consignee and the destination may change, even if the ship has already reached its destination. The carrier also pays the through rate from the port of origin until the final destination has been reached.

reefer cargo

Goods whose temperature has to be controlled during transport.

refrigerated units

Containers or trucks whose temperature can be controlled.

refrigerated warehouse

A warehouse in which food or other perishable items requiring a certain storage temperature are stored.


Drawing up a new timetable, i.e. changing the due dates for an activity when it is out of phase.

research and development planning (R and D planning)

The action of selecting and planning research programmes and allocating resources accordingly, so that the overall objective set can be achieved as effectively as possible.

responsible carrier

The principal carrier in charge of transporting the cargo according to the transport document.

river waybill

A document which is issued by the carrier for the shipper in charge of transporting the goods by river to the port of destination. The document testifies the receipt of the goods and binds the shipper to hand over the goods to the consignee.

roll trailer

A trailer used for roll-on roll off operations, i.e. haulage and stowage. See also mafi trailer.

roll-on roll-off

Term used to describe "rolling" goods like trucks or cargo stowed on movable platforms (trailer).

rolling road

The transport of entire road vehicles on low-floor throughout waggons.

RoRo ramp

A roll-on roll-off ramp with the help of which road vehicles can be driven on or off a ship or train.

round trip

A trip to a destination and back home, usually by another way.

running time

The time a machine is actually producing something, i.e. running, excluding the time required for setting it up or maintenance times.

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