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narrow body

Aircraft which has only one aisle.

need date

The date at which a product has to be manufactured. It can be calculated by a MRP (material requirements plan) system.

negotiable document

If the holder of the document is entitled to take possession of the goods, then the document can be sold and is therefore negotiable.

net change material requirements planning

A computer based method which makes a partial explosion of the material requirements plan only for the components affected whenever there is a change ( in either requirements, stock status or in open orders). Net change planning can be done continuously for each transaction or periodically


An interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system. In graphic representation the single interrelated activities are indicated by arrows. If some of the activities are interdependent, either beginning or end coincide in a so-called "milestone", represented by a square or a circle. In logistics the term network refers to goods flow along the distribution channels between factories and distribution centres.

network planning system

A method for drawing up a time schedule for a project, whereby the project is subdivided into its single activities at first, which are then arranged in an arrow diagram to form a logical network. Once this is done the duration of each activity is analysed. In doing so those activities which determine the lead time are identified (critical path). Finances and capacity can then be reallocated to improve the time schedule. The duration of the project can thus be estimated as precisely as possible. If in the course of the project there are deviations from the time schedule estimated, this will be indicated so that they can be corrected or other measures taken to avoid damage. There are several network planning systems, e.g. PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique; CPM Cricitical Path Method and others.

neutral air waybill

Standard air waybill on which the carrier is not identified yet.

next higher assembly

The next higher level in an assembly process, at which the product to be assembled is more advanced.


In logistics: Term reffering to a fixed point at which goods are stored, i.e. not moved anymore. A node could be a warehouse or the plant, any supply centre and also the market.


A document which instructs an overseas agent / waybill to list those charges which will be rendered in a separate invoice.

non-scheduled hours

Term describing those hours during which a machine is not scheduled to operate. Non-scheduled hours could be meal breaks, week-ends, maintenance hours which were planned in advance, and others.

non-vessel-owning common carrier

An organisation which does not operate its own ships but offers services as a prime carrier for a client and undertakes the freight service.

normal general cargo rate

In aircargo: under 45 kgs. rate. If this does not exist, the rate is under 100 kgs.

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