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land container

Container standardized in accordance with the international railways union standards (UIC), to enable optimal use mainly in combined rail road transport.lash 1. To secure goods in position by tying them down with e.g. wires, ropes, chains or straps. 2. See Lighter Aboard SHip (LASH)

last-in, first-out (LIFO)

The valuation principle assuming that the stock of a certain product received last is sold or consumed first. By this method the stock can be valued at (normally lower) prices from the past, whereas the material consumption is valued at (normally higher) relatively up-to-date prices.

lay days

The number of days allocated in a charter party to the loading and / or discharging of cargo. Lay days may be identified in different ways e.g. working days, consecutive days, weather working days.

less than container load (LCL)

1. A container loaded and unloaded for account and at the risk of the carrier.

2. A less than (full) container load container (FCL) is considered, for operational purposes, a container in which more than one consignment or parts of it are shipped. The container is stuffed and stripped under the responsibility and for account of the carrier and cargo can be added under special circumstances.

less than truck load (LTL)

The quantity or volume of cargo is not sufficient to fill a standard truck.

lift-on lift-off (LoLo)

Loading and discharging of intermodal transport units (UTI).

lift-on lift-off vessel (LOLO)

Vessel on which loading and discharging process is carried out using cranes and / or derricks.

lighter aboard ship (LASH)

An intermodal ship-borne system, for which barges are loaded inland, pushed or towed (either single or interlinked) along an inland waterway (river or canal system) to a point suitable for a ship. There the barges are lifted or towed onto or into the mother ship.

line production

The production method and process in which: - Production machines and other resources used for manufacturing multiple products of one type are set up in accordance with the sequence they are required (line lay-out); - the products pass through the various production phases without interruption Line production is only possible provided the following conditions are met: - the routing of the products in one series to be in succession must be (almost identical; - the processing times needed for the successive operations required by the various products have to be practically the same, resulting in an equal flow of all the products along the line where they always proceed one station at the same time.

liner conference

A group of at least two vessel-operating carriers, each providing international liner services in connection with the carriage of cargo serving a particular area or route(s) within agreed upon geographical limits. The group has accepted an agreement or arrangement, requiring that they operate under common freight rates and uniform agreed conditions in accordance with the requirements of liner services.

liner in free out (LIFO)

Transport condition indicating that the freight rate includes the sea carriage as well as the cost of loading, provided the latter is the custom of a particular port. LIFO excludes the cost for discharging.

liner terms

Condition of carriage indicating that a distribution of costs of loading and / or discharging between the shipper, shipowner and consignee correspond with the custom and practice of the port concerned.


The transportation method practiced to connect the nodes (production plants, warehouses) of a logistics system.

load factor / utilization

The quotient of the (measured) load of a production facility (group of production facilities) or a department (e.g. store / warehouse) and the capacity availalable during a particular period. It indicates the ratio to which the capacity available vs. the capacity used during the particular period.

load profile / product load profile

A presentation of future capacity requirements resulting from planned and released orders ranging over a given period of time.

loading lead time

The period of time from the moment a delivery order can be executed to either the date of the invoice or the actual date of departure of the goods concerned. Note: Actual date of departure is assumed to be identical with the invoice date.

loading list

Loading lists are generated for every (loaded) departure from a port. The list contains details on all cargo lots loaded on the carrier, it serves as a preliminary manifest.

logistic costs

Costs of logistic activities.


The planning, execution and directing - of the movement and / or placement of goods and / or people, - and supporting activities in conjunction with such movement and placement.

logistics channel

The network of intermediaries (agents, brokers) engaged in transfer, handling, storage, and communications functions contributing to the efficient and smooth flow of goods.

logistics key performance indicators

A limited but comprehensive set of easily employed performance indicators that provide information on the progress of logistics plans to the major functions concerned regarding the management of the material or goods flow (manufacturing, marketing / sales and logistics) and that can identify the need for further investigation and proper corrective action in case there is a shortfall.

logistics unit

An object of both operations and logistics planning. A logistics unit can be a bare product, sales item (retail packed), a combination of products consisting of different sales items or a standard packing unit, or others

lot for lot / discrete order

A lot-sizing technique generating planned orders in quantities equivalent to the individual lot demand in each period.

low loader waggon

A rail car with a low carrying platform specially built to transport intermodal transport equipments.

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