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Pallets and containers frequently used in air transportation The igloo shape is best suited to fit the concave wall contours inside a narrow-body aircraft.


1. Bringing goods into a country from abroad.

2. The goods received from suppliers in foreign countries

3. The accumulated quantity of goods received from a suppliers in a foreign country by a customer in a particular period, measured in quantitative or monetary terms.

4. (Concerning movement of goods) The accumulated quantity of goods received from an internal supplier in a foreign country by an internal customer in a particular period, measured in quantitative or monetary terms.


The party who receives, or on whose behalf an agent who receives on his behalf, goods from a foreign country. This party may also be the party who takes possession of the imported goods or to whom these goods are consigned.

inbound stockpoint

A location next to the location of use in a production flow receiving materials as needed. Material is taken from this internal stockpoint for immediate use. Used in conjunction with material control of a pull system.

Incoming goods

The (quantity of) goods received by a customer from his suppliers over a particular period in time, measured in quantitative or monetary terms.


A conglomerate of international rules, developed and issued by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) interpreting the major terms of delivery common in foreign trade contracts. In the incoterms the rights and the obligations of seller and buyer are defined with respect to: - party responsible for packing, transport insurance, transport, transport / customs documentation; - party which has to pay for the activities mentioned above; - transfer of the risk (i.e. at which point and time passes the risk from the seller over to the buyer). Examples of incoterms are: EXW ex works FCA free carrier FAS free alongside ship FOB free on board CFR cost and freight CIF cost, insurance and freight CPT carriage paid to CIP carriage and insurance paid to DAF delivered at frontier DES delivered ex ship DEC delivered ex quay (duty paid) DDU delivered duty unpaid DDP delivered duty paid.

inland waterways bill of loading

Transport document for goods to be transported on inland waterways made out to a person by name, to bearer or to order, signed by the carrier to be handed to the sender when the goods have been received.


A system of financial protection against loss or damage under which parties agree to pay agreed upon sums (premiums) periodically for the guarantee that an agreed upon compensation will be paid under certain conditions for losses or damages specified.

intermodal transport

The movement of goods using one and the same transport unit or vehicle which successively uses different modes of transport but without handling or repacking of the goods themselves while changing modes.

intermodal transport unit (ITU)

Swap bodies, containers, and semi-trailers used and suitable for intermodal transport.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

An international organisation formed by airlines, founded in 1945, having the aim of promoting and improving commercial air traffic. For this purpose parties concerned should cooperate and should accept certain rules, procedures and common tariffs, applicable for both, cargo and passengers.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

An United Nations sub-agency establishing measuring to improve safety at sea. Its work includes development of codes and rules standardising tonnage measurement of vessels, design and measurement of load lines, prevention of pollution and regulating the carriage of dangerous goods. Additionally the IMO is responsible for the development of performance standards and carriage requirements for navigation, communication and safety equipment. Its was previously called Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO).


A document establishing a claim for the value of goods delivered or to be delivered and / or services rendered or to be rendered towards the party which ordered or received the goods and / or services. The invoice normally specifies: - quantity and details of the goods or services; - price per unit and total number; - total amount due; - currency; - discounts, if any; - applicable sales taxes (if required) - delivery and payment terms; - customer references (purchase order nr. etc.). Note: in international trade an invoice mostly serves as basic document for customs declaration and taxation. For this reason sometimes additional information is required such as: customs declaration; import licence number; customs tariff item; origin of the goods; export, import, and sales clauses; breakdown of total value; etc.

ISO freight container

A freight container designed to meet all relevant ISO standards for containers valid at the time of manufacture.

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