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electronic data interchange (EDI)

1. (General) The transfer of structured data in digital form between individual computer systems in different organisations. 2. (in business) The transfer of structured business-type data by agreed message standards in digital form between individual computer systems in separate organisations.

electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport (EDIFACT)

The rules for the ISO application level syntax for the structuring of all user data and of associated service data for the interchange of digital messages within an open environment.


Equipment used to discharge certain bulk cargoes such as wheat when removed from the hold or tank by a continuous row of buckets or by suction, thereafter carried by conveyor belt to storage.


1. A government order preventing the entry or departure of certain commercial vessels or goods from certain origins or for certain destinations at its ports. 2. (in aircargo) A carrier’s refusal, for a limited period in time, to accept any commodity and type or class of cargo duly tendered for transport along any route or any segment thereof, also to or from any point or area of a connecting carrier.

estimated time of arrival (ETA)

The arrival date and time expected in a given (air)port.

estimated time of departure (ETD)

The date and time when departure from a certain (air)port is expected.

European article numbering (EAN)

A code (EAN-product code) for the identification of supermarket products and similar ones. Note: This code has been developed by the European Article Number Association (EANA) in Brussels which work on behalf of the National EAN Associations from the member countries.

European article numbering association (EANA)

An international (European) body responsible for administering and monitoring the European article numbering system (EAN), with affiliates in many countries e.g.: CCG in Germany, DCC in Japan, ANA in the United Kingdom. Note: The North American body responsible for the uniform product code (UPC) coding (UPC is technically a subset of EAN) is the Uniform Code Council.

European Community carnet EC carnet

This type of carnet (introduced on 1985-07-01), covers goods taken from or send to any other European Community member country for temporary use and re-export.

European pallet pool

Pool for the distribution and exchange of European standard size pallets (so-called europallets) serving European cargo traffic, established in 1961 by several European rail administrators.

European zone charge (EZC)

A charge for inland transport for carrier haulage in Europe.

execution lead time / run lead time

The amount of time required for the execution of the task or operation at hand.

expected demand

The quantity of goods expected to be drawn from stock over the lead time when consumption is at the forecast rate.


The act of carrying or shipping goods to another country resp. countries, especially for the purpose of use or distribution in the country of destination. The sale of merchandise to clients abroad.

export declaration

A document called for by the Ministry of Commerce (USA: Department of Commerce) that provides information regarding the nature, value, etc., of export.

export licence

Document permitting export of goods as stated within a specified time.

export packer

Company packing merchandise for export.

external transport

The transport of products beyond the limits of a specific operational unit. Note: an operational unit may be a production facility, a groupage centre, a warehouse, a transshipment point, or a transport business.

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